Thursday, September 26, 2013

In-Season Recruiting Tips

High school seniors with the intention of playing college football, your window of opportunity to get noticed is right now!  Assuming everyone has read (Recruiting 101), I’m going to touch upon some basic recruiting steps that require action now that will greatly enhance your opportunities.

1.  The ONLY way to spark NEW interest from coaches is by sending new content, therefore a mid-season highlight is non-negotiable.    You can wait to send an end of season highlight if you are OKAY with giving the competition a 2 month recruiting head start.

2.  Let everyone know your intention of playing college football.   Start with your Head coach, position coach, athletic director, strength & conditioning coach, boosters etc.   The football community is very closely knit, and much of recruiting is still done by recommendations and referrals.

3.  Contact the coach’s that gave you their business cards on the “Camp Circuit” this summer. An email/phone call can go a long way.  Often times all a coach needs is a reminder to put you back on the top of the list.

4.  Take unofficial visits and as many game day trips as possible!  Unofficial visits are unlimited so take advantage.   These trips will be informal.  It is a perfect way to see what the game day vibe is all about at each respective school.

5.  Pass the eyeball test!  Coaches will absolutely be in schools from Thanksgiving through Christmas.   If you list 6’2 235lb, you better damn be 6’2 235lb when they pull you out of class.  Every college football team in America strength trains throughout the season.  They expect college level recruits to be doing the same!

-Dan Goodman

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