Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dont Get Lost In The Huddle

Here is a staggering statistic: there are over 1.1 million high school football players, and less then 88,000 have the honor of competing at the collegiate level. This gives you less then an 8% chance to achieve your goal if your aspirations are in college football.

Everyday at Varsity Highlights we have several student athletes who send us their highlight videos or stats looking for feedback. Often the videos are homemade, or done using an online editing service.  We have the pleasure of seeing some footage of the best players in the nation in the clips they send, but the sheer volume we go through makes one indestinguishable from the rest. 

The homemade videos usually have the plays running too long and rarely have any arrow or player indicator. This forces me (and any possible coach or recruiter) to rewind plays several times just to really see whats going on. Not to mention the occasional footage shot by a parent who jumps up and down in the stands with the camera in hand everytime a good play happens. A coach going through dozens of highlights daily, often wont even waste thier time with something so difficult to watch. 

 When it comes to the online editors, the quality gets a little better, but the final product is very impersonable and does little to represent your individual personality. Videos arranged with a web based editor always have a standardized template, simple text menus, and truly have no unique or personal attributes.

 I even scour the internet quite often  looking for cool new highlights and to check out the videos from the nations top prospects and from other professional video comapnies. Of course with any elite player, talent is immedietly identifyable regardless of the video quality, but the lasting impact it instills always falls short. A true athlete pours his heart and soul into their sport, and so rarely does it translate to the highlight video. It is for this very reason Varsity Highlights was started in the first place.

The previous statistics I mentioned earlier even seem promising when compared to those related to scholarship money awarded. Out of the nearly 90,000 college bound athletes, less then 20,000 will receive athletic scholarships, giving you  less then a 22% chance! No matter how you look at it, the odds are stacked against you.  If those numbers dont convince you to step your game up, I dont know what will.

We often print the phrase "Get Noticed" on our literature, and that is really what we aim to do. You have to ask yourself "how do YOU want to be remembered?".  The honest truth, is that hard work on the field, is only a part of your recruiting process. Branding and selling your personality and abilities have become a huge part of the game. With social media being such a driving factor in our daily lives, people can now watch your every move. A great  deal care and attention must be put into the image you put out there.  

In the 2012 season, over 30 of our athletes were awarded over $2,000,000 in scholarship money to play football at the next level. We have had athletes go from having only 3 offers, to over 30 practically overnight! We have had such success helping our athletes because our goal is to create a memorable and lasting presentation of your athletic abilities, rather then a redundant reel of plays. Attention to detail and the scrutiny put into the production of each video is unsurpassed anywhere in the country. Dont get lost in the "Huddle" of the tens of thousands of athletes competeing for a roster spot and invest in your future. Join our team of prospects in our database and be amongst the most elite players in the nation. 


Following The Footsteps

The 2013 football season is rapidly approaching and I cannot wait to begin filming, editing, and breaking down film this football season. I’m looking forward to watching our athletes translate the hard work they have put in this offseason, onto the field. We have seen the likes of Devin Fuller and Dan Crimmins blossom from high school football stars, to being well on their way to becoming prominent Division 1 athletes. While their natural born talent and hard work is the main reason they are where they are, their personal highlight tapes assisted in helping them standout on a NATIONAL level.

We have more athletes in the VH stable ready to follow in their footsteps and make a name for themselves at the next level. Our job at Varsity Highlights HD is to separate our athletes from the rest of the competition. We have some new things in store for this year’s highlights and we are really excited to raise the visual experience to another level this season. I urge you not to hold out on getting your highlight, act quickly and GET NOTICED with the hardest working highlights company in the business. We can’t wait to see you on the gridiron. I’ll be in my Varsity Highlights gear at the games, stop by and say “hello”, or talk some football.

Best of Luck This Season!

Brian Hyde
Twitter: @BHydeLights