Friday, March 7, 2014

Top 5 Requirements for a Professional Highlight Film

These days nearly every team uses the online game footage software "" to organize and view game film. They also recently implemented a highlight service which allows the athlete to organize and edit their best plays into a highlight video via their website. Another route many serious athletes go, will be to hire a professional to edit their footage. Regardless which option you choose, there are a few parameters which we consider "essential" to every highlight video. Highlight videos are often incorrectly executed by athlete editors, but many professionals also miss the mark. Be sure your highlight video adheres to the following guidelines:

1: PLAY ORDER -  Play order is the most important aspect of a highlight video. You only get one chance to make a first impression. All recruiting coaches watch hundreds of highlight videos when scouting talent. If you don't catch their attention within the first five plays, they simply do not have the time to continue watching. Be sure to always run your very best play to start the video, with the rest of your better plays following. If your lucky enough to have a coach watch your highlight to finality, it is a good idea to also end on a strong play.

2: VIDEO LENGTH - In today's media driven society, attention spans are shorter then ever. Over 50% of all online video audiences will not even watch your video past the 1:00 minute mark. The average time a video is watched on our own Youtube channel is only about 1:30 minutes. Although an interested coach will almost definitely pass that mark, no one is trying to sit through 13 minutes of highlights. We highly recommend keeping the video around 5 minutes and definitely no longer then 8 minutes. Typically we try to keep the number of highlights per video around 30 plays. This is more then enough time to showcase your full athletic potential.

3: INDIVIDUAL PLAY LENGTH - The length each play should run is very important the final highlight product. You want to display your best plays as quickly as possible. Be sure to start each play just as the ball is snapped, and let it run only a couple of seconds after the whistle is blown. This will ensure your final product contains only your best efforts on the field, with no filler or wasted time.

4: IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Several things should be very clearly displayed at both the beginning and end of all highlight videos and on the DVD artwork. Name, position, jersey number, team or school, height, weight and additional accolades should all be included in your opening credits. Your contact info should also be included on your DVD case. This will give coaches the essential information needed to recruit a prospective prospect. Anything you can do to make a recruiters job easier, the better your chances are of being recruited. 

5: MUSIC SELECTION - I know everyone enjoys their friends watching their highlight video alongside their favorite soundtrack, but it is important to keep in mind the coach when selecting music. A properly selected music score can definitely add to the effect of your highlight. Be aware that recruiting coaches may have different tastes when it comes to their eclectic preferences. Be sure to choose something dramatic, powerful and inspiring. Instrumentals with no vocals are usually the best choice, but if your song does have lyrics be sure to keep out any vulgar language!

Although a great highlight contains many other attributes in addition to what is listed above, you now have a definitive guideline to follow when assembling your own highlight. It is important to invest a great deal of time, and sometimes a little money, in this process. A highlight video is the number one tool used in the recruiting process, so having a good one is a prerequisite. You are investing in your own future. HOW DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED?